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"The Age of Disaster, late 13th-early 14th century: • Andalusian cavalryman, late 13th century • Andalusian heavy infantryman, 13th century • North African horseman, late 13th century", Angus McBride

Angus McBride - Caballeros andalusíes y jinete magrebí, C

El Selyucíes de ron (13 C) "    • soldado de infantería de Anatolia  • Horse-Archer  • caballería pesada Ghulam

The Saljuqs of Rum C): Anatolian infantryman Horse-archer Ghulam heavy cavalryman

Andalusían Knight and warriors c. 11th century ./tcc/

Warriors of Islamic Spain: Andalusian infantryman, Andalusian cavalryman, Berber-Andalusian light cavalryman, Andalusian infantry archer



0650 c. ? Afghan armoured cavalryman of the umayyad caliphate after the Muslim conquest of Persia in the mid 7th century ad.

afghan muslim armoured cavalryman of the Umayyad Caliphate after the muslim conquest of persia in the mid century AD

Soldiers of the Moors in Spain

Illustration of angus mcbride showing a spanish christian cavalryman from aragon being ambushed by a african cavalryman and archer from the Mali Empire serving as border guards for the Almohad dynasty.

Moorish soldiers of the 10th and 11th centuries: Samanid cavalryman, Bayid horseman, Baylami infantryman, Ghaznawid guardsman

Samanid cavalryman, X c. Buyid horseman, X c. Daylami infantryman, early XI c. Ghaznawid guardsman, mid-XI c.