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feather mobile- I saw you had a tutorial for gold-dipped feathers on one of your boards. What if we made some, and we also made paper feathers out of sheet music, and we turned them into this mobile?

​These birds attract mates with beautiful love nests

​These birds attract mates with beautiful love nests

For the birds

Nesting Material For The Birds - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow

Cute idea for a cupcake stand for a rock star party or a sock hop party!

3 Tier Cup Cake Stand Vintage Retro Vinyl Record Rockabilly Wedding / Rock n Roll / Kitchen, via Etsy.

Kind of a similar idea of what to do w the seashells... Paint white.

click thru for how-to. So a simple hanging garden basket from Home-depot is the skeleton of the chandelier All the supplies I bought at home-depot The fun part once all the engineering was done! A big thanks to Sage she stayed righ

There's something very autumnal about this, to me. (It's actually meant to be part of a "Labyrinth"-style goblin costume, but you could use it for a woodland-fairy type thing just as well.)

Goblin Headdress

Repurpose old vinyl records as wall art, snack bowls & more imaginative items.

How to Upcycle Old Vinyl Records

old records into butterfly wall art; I have a lot of old records! This is an awesome idea!