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Thank you, Craig Ferguson.

Daily Dose Of Doctor Who

Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism the Craig Ferguson song/ video.

taboo Snapple cap

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many." I definitely need to remember this everytime I think about getting older.

Tardis For Kitty

Tardis For Kitty

OMG a doctor who TARDIS cat tree (if that what u call a cat house lol) WANT

For future reference. You're welcome.  - They actually work!  Doctor Who Facebook Emoticons

Make Your Facebook A Bit More Whovian With These Emoticons! NOTE: They just work in messages

For future reference. I tested them and they work - but they are only for chat and messages :)

Very few will get this.

LOVE I WILL WALK 500 MILES (it's a song) 🎶And I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more. Just to be the man who'd walk a thousand miles to fall down at your door🎶

At First I was afraid, I was petrified...

I will survive…

Funny pictures about I will survive. Oh, and cool pics about I will survive. Also, I will survive.

I did that today. I said "I learnt from the best" then "unfortunately you weren't available that day" and I just looked around like see what I didn't there. They didn't.

Make great fandom reference, nobody gets it. Story of my life.

some never realize the power of dreams, but, dreamers need to remember that they can DO what they dream

Every little girl dreams of flying through time and space with the doctor and the tardis. This is so sweet

Anne of Green Gables - Gilbert Blythe Awkward Penguin Meme

A Socially Awkward Penguin meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

Dr Who Has Taught Me......

A few life lessons Doctor who has taught me. I've seen something like this done before but more on a comedy level and while I added one or two in. Doctor who has taught me.

Big Time Rush. #rusher

I'm a Whovian now. So that adds my tally up to Whovian, Jedi, Browncoat, and Potterhead. I think my nerd is showing. (I completely agree with whoever posted this)

Except for the time it was the Tardis sound . I sat up it my chair and searched the room before the disappointing moment when someone took out their phone and I realized it was just their ringtone.

I love your stupid face - Doctor Who inspired Tardis Blue Card. $5.00, via Etsy.

"I love your stupid face - Doctor Who inspired Tardis Blue Card" . Love it!

Doctor Who/Superman crossover fan art

Aliens are attacking London! Clark Kent tries to change into Superman, but finds he's stepped into a certain Doctor's TARDIS rather than the average phone booth.