SB: Another Rip Off by SaccharoKirby on DeviantArt

my headcanon of a Smash Universe. I allow Link talking and Marth knowing English, so if you're pointing . SB: Another Rip Off

azura taking no shit is 100% my aesthetic

azura taking no shit is 100% my aesthetic

Showing A Little Skin by on @DeviantArt

The clothes that Mario & Peach are wearing were based off Mario Sunshine~ Never in the game did they wear actual swimsuits, so why not let Luig. Showing A Little Skin

Bowser's Beach Badness by Gabasonian on DeviantArt

It was wise of Bowser to take off his Hefty Shell while going to the beach, but some shorts could've been nice Ah well, Bowser's usually the party crash.

Poultry by AmazingArtistYellow on deviantART

Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda crossover - Poultry by AmazingArtistYellow

HUSH NOW by on @DeviantArt

I was playing Assassin's Creed 3 earlier, and I always just kind of laugh when Connor is covered in blood and just barges in to a random group of people. HUSH NOW