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Tell me the story Of how the sun Loved the moon so much He dies everyday To let her breathe // another tattoo of mine

This weeks wallpaper is a single tree and its reflection on a small island, with a full moon rising behind it. The island and tree are dark, with the rest of the images in varying shades of blue. Icons do very well with this mostly blue wallpaper.

Una luna llena resalta en una anocheser hermosa

Una luna llena resalta en una anocheser hermosa

Good Night!   (no words - "Good Night Moon.")

What a beautiful photo! Light purple sky and dark purple shadowed tree during a full moon. Or, has the photo been altered?

Moon with blue clouds and trees painting idea inspiration.

Mother Moon breaks from the embrace in order to soar, while her insecure Cloud Children cling tightly. Theo Dapore - Moonscape painting in blue

Good Night...

When the full moon rises on Halloween beware the evil that comes between every shadow and every tree beware the evil .



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annalepsis: “Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment,can be confused with paradise… ”

Once in a blue moon .....

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