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Unexpected team mates

Unexpected team mates

Literally me the first time I played Splatoon when I took out an opponent.

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i tried to start like 3 squid parties today and got killed around 37 times

Legit!! Hahaha. Basically what runs through my brain when I'm in a turf battle…

Basically what runs through my brain when I'm in a turf battle and my team sucks. Is their team amazing?

This was asked by and , SSB4 Christmas! YAY! It is rushed, and late, and I know some characters are not in this drawing but uhh, I dunno :/  just throw some rocks at me. *dies* Anyways, hope e...

Peach, Zelda, Nana(Ice climber), Samus and. Rosalina and Wii fit lady will be in the other scenes Morning _ for girls

Gather around kids! Today Tammy’s gonna sing a song called “Shit I Did Not Mean To Ship It” This was way too adorable and deserved to be uploaded on its own.

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