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The Portuguese Diamond glows bright blue under fluorescent light.  Smithsonian.

Portuguese Diamond - Gem Gallery - Smithsonian Institution under fluorescent light.

DeYoung Red Diamond. 5.03 carat

GEMS The DeYoung Red Diamond Is One Of The Largest Known Natural Fancy Dark Red Diamonds. Grade Of Weighs Carats. Gifted To The National Gem Collection By Mr. DeYoung, A Boston Jeweler. Originally Was Wrongly Identified As Garnet.

The Ocean Dream Diamond:                         The Ocean Dream may be small - a mere 5.51 carats - but it’s the only diamond in the world of its kind. No other diamond is known to naturally possess a blue-green hue like this one. The color is thought to have come from being exposed to natural radiation in Central Africa for thousands of years. It’s currently owned by the Cora Diamond Corporation, but you might have seen it at the Smithsonian as part of “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibit a…

diamond measuring carats, rated in color as Fancy deep blue-green by the Gemological Institute of America. This stone is the only natural diamond known to the GIA to possess a blue-green hue, making it one of the rarest diamonds in the world.

Portuguesediamondp - Portuguese Diamond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Portuguese Diamond is an unusual octagonal-cut diamond known for its flawlessness and clarity. It weighs carats g) and is regarded as one of the world's most magnificent diamond gems.

Fancy Intense Blue Diamond, GIA certified.

Blue diamonds are very rare and are extremely expensive, even for small stones. Learn gives natural blue diamonds their color.

Phosphorescence data

Presents spectroscopic and phosphorescence data of the Blue Moon, a ct Fancy Vivid blue diamond discovered at the historic Cullinan mine in early

“Tatami” strain in Blue Moon

Placed between crossed polarizers and viewed in transmitted light, the Blue Moon diamond shows anomalous birefringence with the crossed laminations called “tatami” features. Photo by Eloïse Gaillou.

Um simples anel lapidado no diamante azul!

BVLGARI Blue Diamond, the largest triangular-shaped Fancy Vivid blue diamond, carats