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image drole - Nail Art

image drole - Nail Art

Nude Almond Shape Nails with Fine Gold Glitter French Tips

Iced Manicure that is also known as a diamond manicure is priced at a whopping The nail treatment involves 10 carat diamonds that are studded on your nails and is the most expensive nail treatment known (Harrods).

SHARK WEEK!!! A girls gotta be festive for ALL occasions! #nails #sharkweek

Shark Week Nail Designs: 10 Manicures to Help Celebrate

These nails!

16 Pinterest Beauty Fails That Are So Bad, They're Hilarious

#pink #almond #nails #long <3

Pink Stiletto Nail Designs to Adore

Do you wish to own a sharp nail art for a brand new season? haven't any hesitation to examine out today’s pointy nail ideas within the post. The post can s

Pac-Man nails...beyond epic awesome! Don't forget the cherries and apples! (Chelsea T. on Beautyish)

Pac-Man Nail Art - You have to be pretty dexterous, or at least very patient, to paint this amount of detail onto your nails.

Pokemon design nails. Pikachu, Bulbasor, Jigglypuff, Pokeball, & Squirtle >:D OMFG!! I REMEMBERED ALL OF THEIR NAMES, LMAO!!!!

did a pokeball nail art design a little while ago but these look cute too with the characters! Which Pokemon was your favorite? My favorite Pokemon was Pikachu of course! And Miu was super adorable. Nails done by Chibinails

The Nailasaurus | UK Nail Art Blog: The Amazing Spider-Nails (Spider-man Nail Art)

The Amazing Spider-Nails (Spider-man Nail Art)