Dante.  Dante Alighieri è noto anche come il 'Sommo Poeta' della letteratura italiana. Secondo me, le sue opere sono incredibili e rimangono, per quanto molto difficili anche per i madrelingua, un 'must' per chi ama la lingua italiana. Iniziate con un testo a fronte facilitato, magari. E sicuramente l'inferno è il più "interessante".

Upper Hell – By C. Scott-Giles, for Dorothy Sayers translation of the Divine Comedy

Different types of drugs and what they do to you/ Meth- stimulant/ Ecstasy- stimulant and mild hallucinogen/ LSD- hallucinogen/etc.

Drugs were always a no-no. There were other family members that did do drugs but we were always told to not do them because they were bad. So we did not talk about them because we were expected to just not do them.

9 Circles of Hell by MelaniGoddardMann

9 circles of hell, wood, burning

Uriel - Angel Uriel - Saint Uriel the Archangel

Uriel's Prominent Role in Christian and Jewish Apocryphal Texts

Mosaic of the Archangel Uriel by James Powell and Sons, St John’s Church, Boreham, Wiltshire 1888

Reading "Dante's Inferno" was a nightmare.  This handy chart may be better than Cliff Notes!

valkyriesvagina: spookyemporium: Dante’s Inferno map by somnium-maris The Nine Circles of Hell planes underworld…

Evolutionary Tree of Religion 2.0

Evolutionary tree of religion: A summary in this new version of a great graphic by Simon E. Davies, a complex tree of myths and traditions continuously evolving into remakes.


I am always working on bringing you more and more free readings on the site and I am very happy to be able to launch the first of these today; the Horoscope Spread tarot reading. I love this spread as it combines two of my passions; astrology and tarot.


Dante - The Divine Comedy Inferno - Map of Nether Hell 2 (Circles viii).

9 circles of hell - Google Search

9 circles of hell - Google Search