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Morning Yummy breakfast at before another busy day running around the city! by mikutas

lovelydasani ☼

endlesslyenraptured: Coffee & Doughnuts on a Rainy Day by Endlessly Enraptured My kinda coffee break

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Cappuccino is Italian coffee drink topped with foamed milk. It is made in a steam-producing espresso machine. Espresso is poured into the.

Atelier September, Copenhagen, Denmark

urged by a sudden impulse, hesitant on the frindges of battle. coming softly to folk about vaguest hints; illicit stream of nodded.


Did you know that coffee is an effective fighter against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, (or MRSA) according to the July/August issue of the Annals of Family Medicine? Drinking hot coffee or tea could help resist the deadly pathogen MRSA.