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Volviendo a la realidad

Comic of heart playing video games and the brain dragging the heart away saying, "We have to get back to the real world!" And the heart is so sad. But my heart LOVES my real world.

When you think things are under control...

A webcomic about the Heart and Brain, inspired by the Id, Ego and Superego, it takes a funny approach to our personal differences. Are you a Heart or a Brain?

Ahí nos hablan

In observance of Stress Awareness Month: The Awkward Yeti's 10 Comics for the Stressed - Many things can trigger stress — Lars and his Heart and Brain know this all too well.

The Awkward Yeti Comic Strip, May 26, 2016     on GoComics.com

live in slow mo - heart vs. This really made me smile, it gave me a moment of realization

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I can't sleep. Would it help if I start calculating the maximum amount of sleep we can get every few minutes?

Submission to 'Heart And Brain'

Heart And Brain

Our brains and our hearts have a very interesting relationship, and it is their crazy back-and-forth that Nick Seluk, the artist behind the popular Awkward Yeti