Refresh Your Weary Soul. Seek solace with Him. Believe in Blessings & Recharge. I am praying for a special friend.

Start a Day Blessing

Start a Day Blessing! be a prayer warrior for God & join the revolution to save our once great nation & the world! let your light shine & be a source to draw others to our loving Father! Books Worth Reading,Faith i

End of Day Blessing

How is it that God speaks so loudly to us through strange places/things/people. I was looking for a quote about food, and He lead me here. Food for the soul. And the "hug" I needed right now, this moment in this hour of this day ♥ !

Your load would be alot easier to bear if you would do what Jesus said."speak to your mountain and cast it into the sea".this includes sickness, disease and most of lifes mountains.


I receive this and I pray that everyone who is touched by this (directly or indirectly) is blessed, In Jesus' Name, Amen!