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Slow dance, quick step, and every imaginable maneuver... I Want All Your Germs!

Slow dance, quick step, and every imaginable maneuver. I Want All Your Germs!

I was so upset but mom was right there for me tonight to keep me calm. God bless her!

no boyfriend, husband, friend. No one will EVER have your best interest in mind at all times like your Mom. Never doubt that no matter what! there is no love stronger than a mother's unconditional love.


I think if we lived by this, our world would be so much better. It is easy to be kind to kind people. It is our work, our calling, our great opportunity to love, to be kind to unkind people.

On the mossy turf we'll dance till   our feet shatter, our toes will splinter..

INFP- And in noticing, my later reaction may be to shut people out. Oh well.

Love when he does this

I want a hug. But not just a normal hug. I want one of those pick-me-up-off-my-feet-squeeze-me-tight-spin-me-around-hurts-my-tummy-but-still-makes-me-smile-leaves-me-breathless-gives-me-butterflies-makes-me-giggle-stupidly kind of hug.


I have to say I met some great friends that definitely apply with this. These are the friends that can talk random stuff, give advice, and respect each others opinion. To my friends, thank you for being there, in good times and bad.

I could think of one person this is perfect for :/ So perfect for! They went from a wonderful successful smart strong self confident person in control of their intire life to having nothing! Its ok though because they will get back on their feet and get out of that hole and rise higher than ever before on their own!

I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be.

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Happiness begins with you. Happiness is an inside thing. I did something really cool you'll have to watch the video in order to know what it was. It created much happiness for me.