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That first time you get to open your window in the #Spring, #Wildflowers #PeripetiHome

Love this of wispy on the windowsill . love the odd-shaped windows btw, and the doily with fruit, sheer curtains . beautiful vignette for a cottage or farmhouse style windowsill !

Whimsical Raindrop Cottage, pictureperfectforyou: (via *Дизайн и декор* -...

A little desk in the living room window looking out over window boxes, flowers on the desk, plenty of light - what a nice place to write a letter.

dreamy light. Stefanie Kurniadi via Pennyweight onto Space

Waking up in bed early morning with the curtains drawn, windows close to the bed, sunlight shinning generously in the room & gorgeous view at sight

sometimes a beautiful pitcher is so much more exquisite, to use, than your most beautiful vaaz.

Find new windowsill decoration ideas for spring and summer. Domino shares ideas for decorating your windowsill area with cacti, plants, books, and art.

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reading in a room with a view : pinner wrote ~ I took this one afternoon while I was staying in the mountains. It was really cold and rainy outside and I was reading one of my favourite books while listening to lovely music.