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伊吹五月 - 劍網三 - Ibuki Satuski JX3 arts

Warriors / Weapon Armor Cloak Dress Hair Character Gloves - beautiful drawings of male and female warriors

The Scientific Method Misses Theological Quarks Like Bogs Of Blood Reign In The Ghosts Of War.

Livre : Substrata: Open World Dark Fantasy de Paul Richards / illustration Tomb Keeper by konstantin kostadinov

Guerreira futurista?

Haven Suit by Seed Destiny (female ninja fighter, assassin, thief, rogue sniper, and soldier) Cosplay Costume

These are literally the gods from Theros in Magic: The Gathering. Like it’s the card art and everything. I’m looking for an Erebos to go in my commander deck and I recently got a Keranos in my Grixis commander deck.

Fantasy gods (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Good bit of inspiration here- and I'm keen to discuss ideas with folks at any time if you want to comment below :D Edit: Gods from the "Theros" block of Magic the Gathering

Angel god Greek mythology

"Cupid and Psyche" by Sabine Rich on DeviantArt. Cupid is the Roman name for the Greek god Eros (here pictured in the style of an angel); the source of the story is Metamorphoses by Apuleius, century AD.