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Natural Hive from God's Wonderful Creations

a bee swarm has settled on a pine tree near nimes, france, and has started building combs. it was lucky to survive a mild winter. located in a private garden, this swarm has grown into a full beehive

falling leaves. twisted tree.  Shed them & renew.

Autumn Twist by Robert Friel What a beautiful display of fall. Leaves of all colors and a neat twist of life in Autumn.

a-little-swag-on-you:  http://a-little-swag-on-you.tumblr.com/

I love the idea of an adventure jar on your wedding day.get guests to come up with adventures to have as a married couple. Then pick one out of the jar when u fancy one!

this looks so wonderful, I could just sit under a plum tree and just relax and take a juicy bite. ha,ha

Buckets of plums to eat fresh or preserve as jam and spiced sauce. Some are also frozen to use for winter desserts.