Coca-Cola aluminum six pack carrier, complete with bottles. Embossed with the classic logo: "Drink Coca-Cola" on both sides. Central divider serves as a guide to keep the six bottles in place. Bottles remain filled with the beverage.

Vintage Coca Cola Coke Bottle Wood Carrier:

Vintage coca cola coke bottle wood carrier caddy yellow gas station crate

Centemario. 100 years!

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Vintage Coca Cola Commemorative Bottle - Coke and the Bear, A winning pair - 1979 Alabama Bear Bryant Coke PD

Coca Cola

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Coca Cola Mickey Mouse Botella Edición Limitada in Objetos de colección, Publicidad, Gaseosas | eBay

Coca cola mickey mouse bottle limited edition

HD Diner

HD Diner is a diner chain in France. We have proudly provided retro diner furniture and accessories to help make this a success!