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profile of a soldier. This little gun can fire one hundred rounds per second.

Airman Vanessa Dobos is the first female aerial gunner in the U. Assigned to the Training Squadron in Kirtland Air Force Base, N., she looks out the crew door of an Air Force helicopter, equipped with a machine gun.


She served 4 years in the Army as a weapons instructor and mechanic and is now an anti-poaching enforcer. Recently she joined the ranks of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (“VETPAW”) as an anti-poaching advisor.

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Finnish Suomi M/31 sub-machine gun with 71-round drum magazine, standard version. Devoloped from 1920 - 1930, in use until 1944. http://www.weapon.ge/index.php?sel=1=361===4=en

Finnish Suomi sub-machine gun with drum magazine, standard version. Devoloped from 1920 - This was a big part of the because it helped win wars and gain respect.