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Warmachine_The Destroyer by on @deviantART

Hello again my friend still the same with my latter artwork that i've done a view month ago from warmachine© Privateer Press illustrated done in P. Warmachine_The Destroyer

Thorn by ~andreauderzo on deviantART

Another representation of a science fiction figure. It is interesting the way different artists depict mechanical creatures and settings.

'Ol Rowdy by ~andreauderzo on deviantART

Client: Privateer Press Destination: Warmachine “Legends” Technique: Digital colouring All rights reserved 'Ol Rowdy

Client: Privateer Press Destination: Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast Thechnique: Digital All rights reserved Montador

Cygnar: Warjacks III by *Mr--Jack on deviantART

Since Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar is out now I can finally show these; more of the Warjack illos I did for Privateer Press las.

"Warmachine: Legends" 4of4 by on @deviantART

Looong overdue - last pack from series Few images I did for latest edition of Warmachine: Legends. Some of them are nearly year old and occasionally you can notice that its quite different style th.

Freebooter Mercenary Hvy Jack: One of the latest concepts for Forces of Warmachine - Pirates of the Broken Coast. The freebooter is a labor 'Jack aboard ships in the IK - but when the situation calls for it, this machine ca...

"The Horgenhold Forge Guard enter battle in superlative Rhulic armor, form an impervious line, and deliver blows capable of toppling warjacks with their massive, piston-driven hammers.

Hordes: Trollkin Runeshaper by *JayAxer on deviantART

An illustration of a Trollkin Runeshaper done for the Trollbloods book for Privateer Press' Hordes. Started in photoshop 6 and finished in Painter IX.

Vomkrieg: Warmachine vs Hordes - A NOOBs guide to Warmachine..... and Hordes.

Client: Privateer Press Destination: No Quarter Technique: Digital colouring All rights reserved Summer Rampage 2008 by *Chuckdee on deviantART

This is a design for a 'light-ground' vehicle for the "League of Assassins" in the DCO MMO. my thinking for all the 'light' vehicles is that they all .

clockwork_bounty_hunter_by_teli333-d5nqtxy.jpg (1155×745)

Here is my second attempt with random theme generator This time it was much harder to get some reasonable theme. All the words came quite abstracted but as with the first time I've tried to pi.