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When my kids are fighting and whining and crying my last resort before I snap is scrolling through the cute animal section on pinterest. works every time, they stop crying for all the occasions to say Awww...

Vampire kitty

Vampire kitty - Bat Cat - Kitten in a Halloween costume. Just plain adorable.

Omg who else thinks this is bloody adorable!!!???:

These were the very cutest of all…

Every time... :-)

Dat Ass Funny Image from evilmilk. Dat Ass was added to the pictures archive on

If only women were the same<if only people attracted to people with vaginas would respect them for being people and not just walking vaginas

Just meme it!

Funny pictures about Deliciously adorable. Oh, and cool pics about Deliciously adorable. Also, Deliciously adorable.

no time

Funny pictures about Sweet Brown kitty. Oh, and cool pics about Sweet Brown kitty. Also, Sweet Brown kitty.

Aww! Super Tiny Baby Animals  originally pinned via <a href="https://www.www.www.pinterest.comalararox" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.www.pinterest.com...</a>

Baby Animals Should Always Stay In Their Baby Form (21 Pics)

Why does kids need an animal?!

Why does kids need an animal?!

We don't want human children, but man these pictures are ADORABLE! =) We LOVE our doggie children tons!

Condomínio de Ideias

Is it bad that I love animal firsts more than baby firsts? I'm just for to be a mom to furry babies, that's all. 💕 These animals were photographed trying things for the first time and their reactions are priceless.