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Rina Toin (c) Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch Art (c) Me!


One of my first childhood animes! I watched the anime when I was 5 and tbh, Mermaid Melody was what encouraged me to start drawing and i still love the .

Mermaid Melody, Pitch, Sirens, Princesses

More traditional work, than digital--which was barely. XD *lol* Oh, just noticed! Seira and Sara are in the opposite directions--they're in each-other's!! XD *lmao* --- Princesses (from l...

I found this old fanart in the back of my closet (yay~) Persons in the picture are Rina and Masahiro from the anime 'mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch'.


I've been spending hours trying to improvise this style of painting ahahhaha But i dont think theres any improvements lmao Rina is next! Hanon Hosho (c).