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Funny Animals Of The Day - 24 Pics

Funny pictures about Go Fetch The Stick. Oh, and cool pics about Go Fetch The Stick. Also, Go Fetch The Stick photos.

That guys brand new car, is going to be considerably less clean and tidy shortly, this dog waits until gets inside the car to shake off the accumulated mud !! Muddy hell !! What a mess !!!

happy dog covered in mud, mud puddles, If it makes any difference I found the ball yo were throwing playing, Good dog.

Bergers allemands

Pool Party for this family of german shepherds enjoying their time together. Looks like mine in the summer time :)


Heartbreaking I agree! Brought tears to my eyes.:he dug into his humans grave to try to be closer to them

German shepherd

Funny pictures about Neighborhood watch. Oh, and cool pics about Neighborhood watch. Also, Neighborhood watch.

Before and after the heat got turned on. Find Cute things to Pin here: http://don.greymafia.com/?p=41764

"Before and after the heats turned on." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Dog Thermometer - Change in temperature…

So true, Shepherds are like velcro to their family                                                                                                                                                                                 More

My GSDs all know how to open doors. No privacy in the bathroom unless you lock the door. This is sooooo Jasmine!


Funny pictures about May karma never bite you. Oh, and cool pics about May karma never bite you. Also, May karma never bite you.


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 76 Pics "That One Guy" Original Upside-Down Feeding Puppy