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A lot of hipster style revolves around a very vintage focus. They implement a lot of popular things from past decades and bring them back to popularity, putting a fresh twist on old things.

I don't know what else is in this room, but if it has stacks upon stacks of's guaranteed that I will get lost for hours inside.

She has a huge record collection and strongly believes music sounds better on vinyl

♫♪ Music ♪♫ black and white jazz......Bonjour VdS.. ce vas.?. Thanks for this image.I visited Paris several times as an Art student and this reminds me of a place we used to hang out at, great jazz as I remember .Alan Jenkins.

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lifestyleoftheunemployed: Learn how to Get Over a Bad Day listening to jazz

Vinyl!!!                                                                                                                                                      More

Content Marketing: A Love Song to Clients

Having something like this, but where it's not in front of my face, would be soooo cool. I'll bring my turntable definitely, and some of my warped vinyl

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos

Weddbook ♥ Love poems and vintage rustic engagement photo. vintage rustic engagement Photography by Cozbi Jean Photography. Romantic engagement or wedding photography.

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Oh I miss the local record shop! And I mean before Sam Goody & stores of that kind. Indepedent stores where you could find albums not so mainstream and stocked kick ass music.they're all gone thanks to corporate music companies.