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1938: Mussolini’s Giant “M” Gate

A giant M installed to greet Mussolini’s arrival in a small Piemonte village, Italy × 1928

Computer (1960s?).

Once upon a time, our computers and various technologies came in vibrant colors. It made sense at a time when computers were massive.

The blizzard of 1888 Bronx, NY

Snowstorm A great blizzard (by some accounts a late-season hurricane that collided with a cold front) paralyzes New York under snowdrifts two stories deep in places; it will take the city nearly two weeks to recover. - New-York Historical Society

Overlord in Numbers.

D-Day by the Numbers - A fascinating and sobering look at the realities of the D-Day invasion 70 years ago.

The Egyptian God Family Tree (oh god. The lettuce story. That kills me everytime.)

Get Tangled in These Mythical God Family Trees

"Everything you have ever been taught is a lie….. Now go find truth."

War Child : A uniformed child joins forty thousand teenage Fascists at Rome’s Place du Peuple, 1932

Взятие Мюльхаузена. Германия. 1945 г.jpg

The capture of Mühlhausen town by the Russian troops, Germany, 1945 - Arkady Shaikhet

"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future. Indoctrinating children is easy because they're not at a level where they can properly think for themselves, but what excuse can the adults of Nazi Germany use?

Saatchi Online Artist: Roberto Paulet; Ink, 2010, Painting "Benito Mussolini & Clara Petacci II Italy, Milan 1945"

Saatchi Online Artist: Roberto Paulet; Ink, 2010, Painting "Benito Mussolini & Clara Petacci II Italy, Milan 1945"

American self-propelled artillery M10 drive past the Coliseum during the liberation of Rome. 4 June 1944.

5 June 1944 - Rome falls to the Allies, becoming the first capital of an Axis nation to do so - Allied tanks roll by the Coliseum during the Liberation of Rome,

Great graphic from the National Post, released August 1, 2015 - What happened in the 70  years following Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were called 'Fat Man' and 'Little Boy'.

The Samurai #infographic                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

The Samurai were highly skilled Japanese warriors that hailed from noble families and served the local lords. Read 7 interesting facts about the Samurai.