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10 Most Pricey Dog Breeds Around the World

Source:Wildlife and Nature Pictures Tibetan Mastiff - the most expensive dog in the world. The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed and type of domestic dog originating with nomadic cultures of Central Asia Unruly and raging photo~Powerful!

I want an Akita! He looks like he's wearing thick socks.

I WANT ONE. AKITA This makes me remember my parents Akita, Judge. His head was as big as a bears. Huge dog and very gentle unless you were a cat :( He adored my mom.

Albino Rottweiler | get out of the way next is an albino rottweiler

These 33 Dogs With The Most Unique Coats On Earth Took My Breath Away. This unusually colored Rottweiler may be due to vitiligo, a condition that causes depigmentation. The cause is unknown

He looks so angry... but so cute!

animeasuka: “ taiomifox: “ This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff. This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff. This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff. This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff.

tibetan mastiff (red) Most expensive dog in the world. 1.5 million dollars one was sold.

Officials at a zoo in China attempted to pass off this Tibetan Mastiff as an "African Lion". This is the Tibetan Mastiff dog from Tibet and they do "bark".

awww pup pup time agian again

show me your war face. pic in your reaction folder is your goddamn war face, hop to it ladies! show me your war face kirt pic in reaction folder is goddamn hop to it ladies!

newfie (newfoundland). do-it-yourself-weirdo

This guy is called a Newfoundland, I saw one outside a cafe today and he was ENORMOUS and possibly the sweetest dog ever. They are the sweetest dogs on the planet-smart too

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Top 7 Strangest Caucasian Mountain Dog Facts

Meet the Russian Caucasian. This is a dog and not a bear. I certainly would not want to meet one in a dark alley! LOL The Caucasian dog is one of the oldest mastiff-type breeds, originating from the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and the Ca