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Pleasing to the Aye Dress. Kick your feet up and savor a nautical reverie in this navy dress from Stop Staring! #blue #modcloth

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, explore Paris for the first time! Dyed the deepest navy blue, this fitted frock is crafted from breathable cotton and looks 'de rigueur' alongside yellow Mary Janes and an understated fascinator. No Mona Lisa smile for you - a wide grin spreads across your face as you tour this nautical number’s classic collar,

Skip to My Louvre Dress: You can barely stay still when you clad in this swell sailor dress explore Paris for the first time! Dyed the deepest navy blue this fitted frock is crafted …

Either Oar Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses |

red v-neck fitted nautical dress with long flared skirt, white trim, and true sailor collar - Either Oar Dress,

Darling dress in navy

My Dream Dress. About the Artist Dress in Navy. This delightful navy shirtdress grew up dreaming about one day becoming a fashion icon.