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#Healthy #Recipe / Green Juice Shooters - The Table

#Healthy #Recipe / Green Juice Shooters - The Table

Sweet Sunshine Juice. Angie

A Healthy Beginning: Sweet Sunshine Juice

Sweet Sunshine Juice: Recover from Christmas & NYE decadence with this gorgeous and healthy juice!

Hulk Blood (2 medium apples, 1 avocado, 3 large stalk celery, 15 grapes, 1 lime, 2 cups spinach)

Hulk Blood

A blender is required to add the avocado in since an avocado isn't very juice friendly. If you have a centrifuge juicer, I suggest blending the spinach as well since you wont get much juice out out of the spinach with that kind of juicer. You can, of cou

Weight Loss Grapefruit Strawberries Juice

Weight Loss Grapefruit Strawberries Juice: Ingredients for 1 serving: 1 grapefruit, peeled 2 cups fresh strawberries water, as needed to dilute the juice a few drops of stevia extract (optional) mint leaves (optional) ice cubes (optional)

Green Smoothie Recipe Ingredients 1 handful of Kale, stems removed 1 handful of spinach 1/2 a pear, cubed with skins removed 1/2 a large banana, sliced 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of orange juice (if you prefer all natural, use some freshly squeezed orange juice) (add more or less depending on the consistency you want.)

Trying to get healthy for 2015 or just looking for a quick and delicious morning drink? Try this morning kale smoothie!

Juice Recipes for Ulcerative Colitis | Juice Recipes

Purple Power 1 Apple Cabbage (red) - head Celery - 3 stalks 1 tbsp apple Cider Vinegar Ginger - 1 thumb dia) 15 Grapes (white) Lemon (with peel)

Simplest Green Smoothie (thehouseofhealthy.com)

The Simplest Green Smoothie You'll Need

The Simplest Green Smoothie You'll Need - The House of Healthy

Black Grapes Juice

Blackgrapes Juice, How to make Blackgrapes Juice:Detox yourself with this blackgrapes juice! Full of antioxidants is blackgrapes juice.