Wine Bottle Crafts Projects | Food Is Free Project Turn your old wine bottles into classy wicking ...

Self-watering planter made from recycled wine bottles. Self-watering planter made from recycled wine bottles. by minoakastudios

Self Watering Glass Planters - Make your own self-watering planters with recycled wine bottles and a piece of ordinary string.

Growing fresh herbs in your kitchen. Great idea fill Mason jar with water use wine bottle cut off bottom run string down neck of wine bottle to wick water. Takes a few days before wicking kicks in. Great for herbs in the kitchen window.

Love the wine glass and candle idea in my container pots on the patio. My patio has a wine inspired theme.

41 Ways To Reuse Your Broken Things

I had a couple stem broken wine glasses. Use dollar store stemware or repurpose broken stemware. put glass down in plant and place a candle inside, use a citronella to keep bugs away or battery operated of children are around.

Hanging terrariums

Hanging terrariums Create mini-garden worlds filled with your favourite small plants (OR AIRPLANTS) in hanging glass.

Rehabulous Self-Watering Recycled Wine Bottle Planter Set | zulily elf-watering planter, basil seed package and plant nutrient Glass / clay pebble / wool

Self Watering Wine Bottle Planter - hand cut wine bottle (sanded) with wool felt water wick and clay pebble soil-less plant mix.

Si en tu casa sueles tener muchas botellas de vinos y quieres saber qué hacer con ellas ¡estás en el lugar indicado!Aquí podrás observar 17 ideas para reciclar tus botellas de vino, seguro las amarás.¡Anímate y ponlas en uso en tu casa!17. Decoración para el jardín16. Araña de botellas15. Maceta14. Floreros1

Amarás estas 17 ideas para reciclar tus botellas de vino

Hecho a la medida de lámpara de botella de por PhoenixHandcraft                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Hand-forged Candle Holder by Kyle Lucia of Phoenix Handcraft via Etsy [Look for the techniques for cutting wine bottles]

Transform your wine bottle into a self watering planter all with a simple slice.

Learn how to cut glass bottles without a glass cutter! How to cut a wine bottle for wine bottle crafts and more. Cutting glass bottles has never been easier

Wine bottle candle shelter #DIY" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Wine Bottle Candle Shelter

These Wine Bottle Candle Shelters make great centerpieces for anytime of year! Wine bottle crafts are great for Earth Day and make fun and unique gifts for all your friends. A simple candle makes this a beautiful decoration for inside or out!

Self Watering Planters out of wine bottles

Cute DIY website - Cut wine bottles for planting herbs. Plant your favorite herb and fill up the bottom with water. It will sip the water thru the rope.