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"Calamity Jane" Doris Day as Calamity and Allyn Ann McLerie as Katie Brown sing a duet together in this scene called "A Woman's Touch" This is were Calamity gets a makeover by Katie. My favorite scene

Doris Day sings "Secret Love" from "Calamity Jane" (1953) - YouTube

Feb of 1953 record players and radios all around were playing Doris Day's hit song from the movie Calamity Jane - "Secret Love"

2/17/14  5:43p  Warner Bros Pictures ''Calamity Jane''   Doris Day Howard Keel 1953 virtual-history.com gettyimages.com

Doris Day, Howard Keel, "Calamity Jane" Aunty's fave fella and Doris was the same age as my Aunty! Doris lives on and is now Go Doris!

Doris Calamity Jane Day

(SS215072) Doris Day Calamity Jane Music Photo

'Calamity Jane' Musical movie starring Doris Day - one of my favorite movies of…

This song was one of my dads favorite to sing...and it was rare

Doris Day- Secret Love from Calamity Jane.lost count how many times I sat with my mum watching this,listening to her singing along to the songs.my love for movies started with my mother,and her singing will be locked in my heart for ever.

Calamity and wild Bill Hickock, Doris Day and Howard Keel. If you haven't seen Calamity Jane, watch! it's an adorable movie, one of my very favorites.

Calamity Jane and Bill Hickock. AKA Doris Day and Howard Keel. Remember skipping home after watching this film singing all the songs.

Doris Day, best movie she's in is Calamity Jane. I watched that movie back to back as a kid.

How Doris Day's third husband cost her sanity - and her £66million fortune