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This painted ceiling is based on a palace ceiling in Cordoba, Spain. I gilded the entire ceiling in gold-leaf, laid out the overall 'fan' pattern and then

Decorative painted ceiling in Japan | Artistry by Yaeko Kurimata

Three Questions with Japanese artist Yaeko Kurimata - Paint + Pattern

Stunning Modello™ Designs Marquetry finish using our MarqAll105 pattern | Faux Marquetry Technique

Stunning Modello™ Designs Marquetry finish using pattern — amazing results; Artistry by Heather Sanders of Wall Surface Design.

Luxury Ceilings

Oversized scrollwork, inside and outside of the "tray". Also brought down onto the walls.

Stenciled Metallic Gold And Blue Coffered Ceiling Designs

Ceiling Designs: They’re What’s Up

Decoration: Vintage Looks Of Blue Coffered Ceiling With Gold Hand Painted Pattern: Interior Design Tips to Make Fabulous Room by Applying Coffered Ceiling