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'Pseudophilotes panoptes' {Panoptes blue butterfly} by Pablo MDS (BlezSP) - male upperside XERCES

Blushing-Phantom [Cithaerias pireta] from Ecuador - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Blushing Phantom (Cithaerias pireta) - Neotropical forest floor-dwelling satyrines with clear wings. The pink, blue or purple edges of the hindwings flash as the insects fly along forest trails, and disappear when they alight on the leaf litter.


The Chestnut Tiger (Parantica sita) is a butterfly found in Asia that belongs to the Crows and Tigers, that is, the Danaid group of the Brush-footed butterflies family

Morpho polyphemus, The White Morpho is a white butterfly of Mexico and Central America, ranging as far south as Costa Rica. As suggested by its name, this is one of the relatively few morphos that is white rather than blue.

Many butterflies!

Mom, I really miss you so much, everyday you cross my mind! This board is dedicated to our relationship together.we are NOT only mother and daughter, we are BEST FRIENDS ALWAYS!


Quite a stereotypical look at spring, images that a child would probably associate with Springtime.

The Banded Orange Heliconian, also known as Dryadula Phaetusa, is found in Brazil to Central Mexico.

The Banded Orange Heliconian, also called as Dryadula Phaetusa is found in Brazil to Central Mexico.