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Great summertime home-made dessert idea. Perfect for a childrens birthday party or informal luncheon.

pool party pops - Also saw this one while searching for The Hunger Games. Hat tip to dana_muchow

Fun Unique Recipes | Unique Popsicle Recipe Ideas for Kids (and FUN!) | Le Top blog

Unique Popsicle Recipe Ideas for Kids (and FUN!)

Another fabulous healthy recipe for kids, special thanks to Sparkling ICE. If you haven’t heard about Sparkling ICE they are amazing! I have purchased them for a while for my family.

65+ Popsicle Recipes |

SUMMER - Homemade popsicles are the perfect treat for the heat. Whether you crave fresh fruit, chocolate or coffee, there’s a popsicle recipe to sati.

20 Homemade Popsicle Recipes - So many delicious way to cool down in the summer heat!! { } #popsicles

20 Popsicle Recipes - So many delicious way to cool down in the summer heat!

Popsicle ideas. I like the shot glass idea to form popsicles!

Top 10 Unique Popsicle Recipes to Cool Off This Summer!

Made with Greek yogurt, they would make a great healthy treat for kids in the summer. Greek yogurt 'ice cream' pops: blended raspberries and your favorite greek yogourt and pour mixture into ice pop holders.

Get the Skinny on 5 Fresh Popsicle Recipes For Summer!!!! Perfect to make with the kids!!!

5 Fresh Popsicle Recipes for Summer

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popsicles: The frozen twist on this classic dessert is perfect for those sweltering summer days. - Get the recipe at Chocolate and Carrots.

Watermelon Popsicle...get in mah belly!

SUMMER- Tipsy watermelon popsicle: Soak watermelon slice in tequila, rum, or vodka (flavored optional). Put in freezer standing up (to make sure watermelon slice does not get stuck to anything). Enjoy on a hot day!

50 must have popsicle recipes

I know its not summer yet, heck its hardly spring. But the weather is already so warm that Im needing to find ways to keep the kids hydrated. Popsicles are always a huge hit around these parts, so …

30 Popsicle Recipes

Ice Pops - Martha Stewart Food- The secret to making an ice pop soft and smooth instead of unforgivingly hard like an ice cube is simple: sugar. This sweet stuff lowers the freezing point of a liquid and acts as a lubricant between ice crystals.

30 Popsicle Recipes