Johnny Cash and June Carter.. love this picture.

Johnny Cash with June Carter. Johnny Cash gave us some amazing songs, including Walk the Line and Ring of Fire. i LOVE johnny and june's duet of Jackson

"San Quentin, I hate every inch of you.  You've cut me and have scarred me through and through.  And I'll walk out a wiser weaker man;  Mister Congressman you can't understand." -- Johnny Cash

Incredible Johnny Cash painting by a guy called Scott Mitchell who graduated from Lincoln Uni, talent!

Johnny Cash!

I don't usually pin "keep calm" things, but I always make exceptions for Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash & June Carter by Annie Leibovitz - favorite love story and one of my favorite photogs.

Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash. Wallpaper and background photos of Johhny Cash and June Carter for fans of Annie Leibovitz images.

Johnny Cash ~ Hurt

Johnny Cash "HURT" The song 'Hurt' which is sung by Johnny Cash was written by Trent Reznor. The song was initially sung by Nine Inch Nails in 1994

June and Johnny: "We had just sung a song called 'Jackson' and I stopped the show and said 'Will you marry me?' on microphone, and she said 'go on, sing another, sing another', I said 'I'm not gonna sing until you answer me, will you marry me?' and she says 'sing a song John, sing a song' she turned her back, you know, trying to get somebody in the band to play some music or something, it kept going until she finally said...'yes'."

Just finished watching "Walk the Line" and wanted to see a picture of the real couple. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash - photo by Jim Marshall

"Hey June, it's really nice how've got a way with words and with me as well. The fire and excitement may be gone now that we don't go out there and sing them anymore, but the ring of fire still burns around you and I, keeping our love hotter than a pepper sprout. Love John"   - Letter from Johnny to June

Johnny Cash performing with his wife, June Carter Cash, at the CBS Records Show during Fan Fair at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

Johnny Cash and June Carter #unconditionalove

The Marriage of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash: June Carter and Johnny Cash in London, May 1968

johnny and june

walk the line

“ I want a love like Johnny and June Rings of fire burning with you I wanna walk the line, walk the line, ‘til the end of time ” in honor.