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Il mito del guerriero cantato nella Gita appare distante anni luce dal nostro vivere quotidiano, invece chi pratica lo Yoga sa nel profondo che non è così. Nel trasformare sé stessi è necessario fare i conti con l’archetipo del guerriero. Diverse battaglie attendono l’aspirante allo Yoga. Po…

Russian’s new law could lead to religious crackdown! “The United States is concerned with the Russian Federation’s recent adoption of amendments to its anti-terrorism law, which P…

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Shri Vishnu Mantra - Lyrics, Meaning & Benefits Meaning - The Great Lord

There are four main sects within Hinduism: Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, Smartism, in which six main gods are worshiped

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Radha Krishna Veni Bandhan Details about Vintage Large Ravi Varma Lithograph Print

24 vishnu avatars - http://vicharvandana.tripod.com/24avataars.html

Lord Narasimha breaking out of the pillar to destroy the demon Hiranyakasipu

We know you as girdhari, but may we never forget you as chakradhari.

We know you as girdhari, but may we never forget you as chakradhari.

Bhagwan Krishna giving the upadesha of Gita to Arjuna

Lord Kṛṣṇa preaching the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna “I am the birth of everything and from Me all proceeds into development of action and movement; understanding thus, the wise adore Me in rapt emotion.


खुल चूका है नेत्र - Angry Shiva The Mahakaal HD Wallpapres with adi bhai

Hindu Art: Radha and Krishna being served by the gopis.