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Lightning, Arizona  author: Richard T. Cole

Lightning, Arizona Photograph by Richard T. Cole, Your Shot This is a time exposure of four lightning strikes over Scottsdale, Arizona. (This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot.


Lightning over a rural farm barn, grey skies and green fields, Mother Nature in action

lightening strikes along edge of a rainbow lightening follows rainbow,  Thor hates leprechauns May  2014

In every storm, there is a rainbow visible somewhere because there is always light nearby. In the storms of life, there is always something beautiful because God is nearby. We just need to take the time to look for our rainbow.


Lightning over the Tonle Sap Lake in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (by Rob Kroenert). The power of Nature unleashed for your entertainment!

cloud to cloud lightning

★ Passionate Purple ★ ~~Cloud to Cloud Lightening ~ lightening bolt splits the sky, Chickahominy River, Virginia by Tim Scullion~~

Lightning striking the sea. I used to watch nightly thunderstorms over the Atlantic when I lived at Cape May. lightning storms, lightning and thunderstorms.

volcano eruption

When Lightning Strikes. Lightning streaks across the sky as lava flows from a volcano in Eyjafjallajokul April (Photo by Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

The power of light

storms ~ smell the newness ~ you know will pass ~ still to keep the underneath ~ hope, it's OK~it will be OK *(=. Roots are deep & the rose grows strong. Beautiful, you and new roses are beautiful!