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Rose Wilder Lane, Trabajó de reportera para el San Francisco Bulletin, y viajó por todo el mundo haciendo reportajes de investigación, y sobre todo escribió libros biográficos y de ficción. Destaca la primera biografía que se escribió de Herbert Hoover en 1920, que permitiría a Rose mantener una buena amistad con el presidente de los EEUU

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Family Tree

Included in this version of Laura’s family tree are Laura’s parents, siblings, husband and daughter. Laura also gave birth to a son in but he died in infancy. He was buried in the…

Cool letter between Rose Wilder Lane and Laura Ingalls Wilder sheds new light on the collaborative process of writing the Little House on the Prairie books.

A Peek Inside the Mother-Daughter Collaboration That Brought Us the Little House Series

In this letter, Rose Wilder Lane responds to her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, regarding the first draft of what was to become By the Shores of Silver Lake, the fifth in the Little House on the Prairie series.

Well made fake bread looks just like real bread.

How to Make Fake Bread

How to Make Fake Bread -- keeping for when I do a fake food project Could've used this for IBE

DIY Hamster Fleece Hammock

DIY Hamster Fleece Hammock - I've been wanting to get one of these things for my hammie for the longest time