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My mom cursed when i showed her a pic of lu cuz she was known very pretty (and was actually also in miss korea) and she was pouting at how hes so much more prettier then her.oh luhan. Your powers are so great XD -Diana kim

That sassy boy

Sehun don't be so sassy omg. Plus Chen is nowhere near ugly he's an angel and a handsome one too << chill fgt, he can be as sassy as he damn wants to, we all know they love joking around~

Luhan 鹿晗 "Roleplay" publicity photo cr. 鹿角_Antler百科

Luhan 鹿晗 "Roleplay" publicity photo cr. 鹿角_Antler百科

LuHan 루한 from EXO 엑소, love this photo of him ♥

EXO's Luhan wows netizens with his Futsal performance at Idol Star Athletics Championship.