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At first I freaked out because I thought it was the TARDIS in terrible condition... Turns out its not. I forget Police Telephone Boxes aren't all TARDIS's.

Police Box, Glasgow

let the TARDIS die. Just let this old box gather dust. No one can open it, no one will even notice it. Let it become a strange little thing standing on a street corner. And over the years, the world will move on, and the box will be buried.

Can you imagine going on a road trip with The Doctor? No time travel allowed -- just you and a 900+ year old guy in your choice of Earth vehicle... maybe an RV? You could drive to all the major landmarks and eat at all the famous eateries (and probably witness some of the time lord's culinary quirks). If it ever happens to you, take a video camera and make a documentary, will ya?

Doctor Who Acrylic Cup W/ Straw :: ThinkGeek.perfect for the Whovian liquid addict!

Park This Full-Size Officially Licensed TARDIS In Your Yard.  Yours for only $4,320, not counting shipping. Some assembly required.

Screw the wedding, i want it for my backyard! Buy An Officially Licensed Full-Size Doctor Who TARDIS for your wedding!

The second bit is quite possibly the sweetest conversation in Doctor Who. Which is odd, considering it's a mad man and his box talking to each other.

She refers to him as "her thief." The TARDIS was amazing as a human using her temporary voice to tell him what he means to her. She was smart and brilliant: "I wanted to see the universe so I stole a Time Lord and ran away.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary by davidj8580.  Slap a "Fantastic" somewhere on there, and this would be the perfect New Who emblem!

"Doctor Who Anniversary" ( t-shirt ) by David Johnston "Sensei Who" ( t-shirt ) by Eozen "Chibi TARDIS and Dalek" ( t-shirt ) by.

There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes! (les mis + dr who = good)

Les Miserables - Doctor Who. Honestly, my first thought when I heard that song. Guess I've been watching too much Doctor Who.

The Twelfth Doctor requests that you view these fragments of time and space from my personal archives.

Here's An Adorable Deleted Scene From The "Doctor Who" Christmas Special

Here's An Adorable Deleted Scene From The "Doctor Who" Christmas Special

Deleted Scene from The Time of The Doctor Christmas Special - BBC America

TARDIS definition :)

An edited TARDIS definition. “ I think that the part about it being science fiction should be changed too.

Vincent and the doctor

Vincent Van Gogh & "Vincent and the Doctor" (gif set). Thanks to Doctor Who, I look at Van Gogh paintings differently.

Tardis shrapnel minimalist poster  tardisadventures:    votesaxon    Last one, I promise.

doctorwho: “ French graphic designer who operates under the moniker ‘Karma Orange’ has come up with a series of minimalist ‘Doctor Who’ Posters. “ ‘Doctor Who’ Minimalist Posters ” ”

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Time And Relative Dimension In Space aka Tardis, Doctor Who :)