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allaboutskyrim: “mandy-is-sherlocked: “allaboutskyrim: “ allaboutskyrim: “ ae-ross: “ thisguyknowswhatimtalkingabout: “ why is this so true though? I don’t understand. ” I stopped playing mid-way...

Actually, Dwemer ruins aren't that bad . as long as you have lots of time, arrows and health potions, plenty of room for all the stuff you'll find and don't mind running into the hordes of Falmer and the occasional automaton.

Nothing makes me want to hunt a mo-fo down like the phrase "You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby." Damn you, Bethesda!

So true

Fandom brothers: Dean and Sam Winchester; Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes; Thor and Loki Odinson

Good thing I'm a nord, and a true son of Skyrim.

Good thing I'm a nord, and a true son of Skyrim.>> My High Elf and Khajit are frowning upon you. My Khajit is casting her level 100 Destruction spells.

XD Lydia, carry everything while I go be majestic.

The life of a Housecarl. I admit I do this to poor Lydia all the time. No wonder she sounds so annoyed when you ask her to carry stuff.

Lol yes so true!

Then use it to kill every evil creature,while thinking screw you Satan !

Oblivion vs Skyrim Pinned it twice because it is so true...

Oblivion vs Skyrim so freaking true I felt like they weren't even trying in skyrim half the time it felt that I was playing the same question over and over again

That's video game logic for you

Video game logic LOL it's funny cause' it's true. The little things that make video games so so funny LOL again