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steven+universe+buttons+for+your+steven+universe+needs!!!+    FOR+ORDERS+OF+5+BUTTONS:  leave+a+note+indicating+which+ones+you+want,+or+else+i'll+send+you+5+random+ones+:c    buttons+are+1.5'

steven universe buttons for your steven universe needs! FOR ORDERS OF 5 BUTTONS: leave a note indicating which ones you want, or else i'll send you 5 random ones :c buttons are

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all steam ahead on the padparadsha+leggy train! pad's got past vision and leggy's a tad forgetful - they make a beautiful garnet (also i've seen some pe. SU: Past Vision

Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk on DeviantArt

Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk on DeviantArt Well would you look at that, someone who writes them in character.

Such a remarkable journey

Such a remarkable journey, Steven Universe Peridot

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After watching Steven Universe for so long, I think the relationship between Steven and Connie would also be great inspiration for the relationship between Hema and Cirrus but I wonder what my couple's fusion would look like.

Crossover XD

Small saphire and ruby dressed as ice queen and flame princess cuties! (Amethyst gunther) adventure time and steven universe/// so cute!

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I didnt even think about this connie being able to fuse with steven would give steven the ability to fight with a sword so hes just like his mom omglobs perf.

Steven Universe Charms

Omg I want one

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Oh the old lady.