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I do have beliefs and ideas that are " all over the map and far reaching but i dont know what being a Pisces would have to do with it

Fun facts about your sign here

Pisces: " ~ Pisces women are down to earth and love the simple things."/ I gotta date a Pisces girl 😊

So true..

True, sometimes I don't even realize it! Such a weakness bc I don't want to be that way.

zodiacmind: “Fun facts about your sign here ”

"Groups"/"Cliques" will accuse one of choosing sides, just because one can put oneself in other's shoes . ~Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts

Fun facts about your sign here

Don't think I'm not watching. I notice more than you think, even when you think you are good at hiding things. Exactly the way I am

❤️ #pisces ♓ <'((((><

Wow I don't like to believe in zodiac signs, but maybe this is why I feel psychic 🌟It is a gift🏆Zodiac Pisces facts. Actions speak much louder than words.