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Eddie Van Halen.

Van Halen Eddie knows how to play a guitar like know one I've ever seen. I had the opportunity to see him back in Jaw dropping guitar playing.

a useful source where Eddie explains step by step how he used a variac voltage transformer to change the tone on his amplifier which was set to 220 volts (american voltage is only this is useful because he explains exactly how it affected his tone.

EVH is my all time favorite musician. Yes, he has accomplished more than Vai who is probably technically better dare I say, but Edward has accomplished so much with singers which is I think is harder to do than instrumentals or is this just a preference of mine? Although I've witnessed Steve Vai live and have purchased his music, I go after him for a sneer he gave while playing a part of "Eruption" as if to say this is so easy. Steve, you didn't create this or what was to follow.

more bad shirts, the man CAN play guitar with a power drill though - he can pretty much wear what ever he wants!

"Edward Van Halen !"

In an alternate universe, Eddie Van Halen would make all of his guitar innovations on a Les Paul.