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Optical Illusions: Sight-based illusions

If you enjoy optical illusions, check out this article of illusions that are based on how our eyes work.

Optical Illusions: Sight-based illusions

Optical Illusions: Sight-based illusions

Look at Op Art and Bridget Riley.Optical illusions can work in a variety of ways, and have many classifications. To simplify, illusions can work because of how eyes and vision.

dreamweed catcher

WEED catcher dreamcatcher this is how I want the leave and feathers with the dragon wrapped around with Dads picture in the Center of Dream catcher!

Op art: style of art that created optical illusions:

Do You Believe Everything You See?

this is a picture of op art that looks like there is multiple things in the art work.I really like how he uses shape and form to make it look like there is more that one object Karly brown:


Irregular Circular Vortex - This vortex moves subtly as the eye travels across the image.

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