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The stilt city of Zenobia. Artist Colleen Corradi Brannigan has taken it upon herself to illustrate all fifty-five of the fantastical cityscapes described in Italo Calvino's 1972 novel Invisible Cities.

An ongoing personal project to illustrate Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities'

An ongoing personal project to illustrate Italo Calvino& & Cities&



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When a man rides a long time through wild regions he feels the desire or a city. Finally he comes to Isidora, a city where the buildings have spiral staircases encrusted with spiral seashells, where perfect telescopes and violins are made, where the foreigner hesitating between two women always encounters a third, where cockfights degenerate into bloody brawls among the bettors. He was thinking of all these things when he desired a city. Pag. 7

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