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New Pokemon Fusions 2: Some of these I have and have not seen yet

New Pokemon Fusions 2

New Pokemon Fusions 2 The Banette/Spiritomb and Altaria/Dragonair have to be my favorite!

Avengers x Pokemon

The Avengers x Pokemon

Tony Stark - Metagross Captain America - Braviary Hawkeye - Pidgeot Agent Colson - Victini Thor - Raichu Loki - Gengar Bruce Banner/Hulk - Reuniclus Black Widow - Vulpix Director Fury - Garchomp avengers had pokemon.

May and Dawn

:d alternate costume black legwear blue eyes boots bow brown hair buttons dress formal frills hair bow hair brush hairband haruka (pokemon) heart high heels hikari (pokemon) kneeling long hair multiple girls nishihara isao no hat open mouth pantyhos


So cute! The different layers of Pokemon give the image great depth! Pokemon: Campfire by ~kissai @ deviantART


OH MY GOSH :) love it. Ninetales is my favorite pokemon. When I was a kid instead of having an imaginary friend I had an imaginary ninetales.