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Peinture avec des bouquets de chou-fleurs

Colored Oats Fall Tree Craft

It is my favorite season & there are so many reasons why, but the biggest of them all is the changing leaves.

This is a lesson from Mrs. Picasso's Art Room.  It would be great to do two painting, one with warm colors, one with cool to reinforce the idea that color impacts mood.

Fall paintings (for younger kids, provide tree silhouette and have them water color background) @ Home Ideas and Designs

Resultado de imagen para cool colours

LESSON 1 Warm and Cool color project with value- reverse colors and use with Chromadepth glasses- physics of light and color-

L'arte a scuola

L'arte a scuola

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Super pretty, tissue paper background, black paper tree and crayon foreground.


Klimt Tree of Life Drawing

Art Projects for Kids: Klimt Watercolor Tree Girls draw tree or flower from nature and fill in with black sharpie.background is a mood painting with liquid water color

Oooh- this is a great Kadinsky project. Paint background and stamp circles. Second day- cut trees and two colors for circle leaves.

My first graders really need help with their fine motor skills this year. After completing a very successful Kandinsky Concentric Circl.

Some Kind of One-derful: Art - Learning about Kandinsky

OK, so I make the tree at AES, and the students make the Kandinsky circles.Based on Kandinsky Circles. Might be a fun classroom project. Teacher cuts out (or paints! Students create the circles for the branches.