Never played Destiny but I have heard about it.

Video Game Logic

Not sure anything will ever be as good as borderlands for crazy easy drop in drop out loot mad co-op

Khajiit stole nothing

I love this - I'd love a housecat Khajit Dovakiin in Skyrim randomly nabbing everything with that blank cat expression like saying "What?

I've spent too much time playing this game never to have done this!

Never done a comic type piece before but i've had this situation play out in my head while playing borderlands sometimes. Zoom in

Skyrim vs Fallout

Skyrim vs Fallout

Skyrim Vs Fallout // Skyrim and Fallout . Are amazing games *Sheds single tear*

Showing A Little Skin by on @DeviantArt

At the end of the game, Mario & Peach ride in a hot air balloon while Luigi & The Toads ride in another one. While this is happening, Peach says. New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Ending

It's already the most expensive, most preordered video game in history. In its two week live beta test, some 4.6 million players notched up 88 million completed missions. When Destiny launches itself upon consoles tomorrow, we're sure the records are going to keep tumbling.

Alternative Destiny Artwork

I'm in love with these simplistic game art designs 😍😍😍 Alternative Destiny Artwork - Gaming - ShortList Magazine