Ice queen

I have a couple of make up ideas for my Halloween costume.and this Winter/ Snow/ Frozen/ Ice theme is perfect!

cool for ice fairy

Venetian mask here with a pearl "wig" and an icicle headpiece and shoulder-pieces. The whole costume makes for a very alien, frozen, scary snow queen.

Coiffe étoiles

Bright Star Headdress II - Wired Sparkling Silver Star Burlesque Headdress by Mascherina

haute couture


Seductive and surreal, Anna Halldin-Maule’s figurative paintings are rendered in hyper-realistic perfection. Halldin-Maule is an exciting young artist who.

Ethnic bride series by ULA KOSKA

Polish Artists Recreate Traditional Slavic Wreaths To Keep Old Traditions Alive- photographer Ula Kóska and makeup artist Beata Bojda.

Very Bjork

Glitter and more glitter - Ellis faas. Yes , I could have this much glitter as I won't have any hair💇💇

WTF "Beauty" editorial - "This stunning beauty editorial uses blue and yellow shades of eye shadow and some head bandaging to create a look that says battered beauty. The why is unclear, but the result is actually quite beautiful."  OK, this is fucked up on a very sick level.

Bandaged Beauty Photography Series