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I need this as a full sized poster for my apartment

This is so true! Such a funny TV show. Love Shawn and Gus!

Psych | Cinnamon festival... I love this episode

Laugh of the day! Shawn Spencer And Burton Guster, a couple guys with a passion for truth and cinnamon. "The Cinnamon Festival -Dual Spires Parody"

Psych- you know you have a true friend when that's what they say >>>>> best buds forever!

I want to have this happen to me in Shawn's place cause I'm an expert at looking like an idiot

Omg, I got that too. And when Henry said "He called me."  It was finally right. Best finale for the best show.

I didn't even make the connection that he did it in the finale as well as the pilot until I saw this

this page has the BEST Psych gifs

"I'm not inclined to resign to maturity." -Psych: Shawn and Gus

Hahahahaaaaa! <3 burton guster!!

"I am not a robot" In his defense, I have to turn the TV off every time that damn commercial comes on or I will also cry like a little baby.

psych ~ bollywood homicide

I always felt bad for Abigail. Shawn was always in love with Jules. I know he liked and cared for and probably even loved Abigail but still.