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Song for the Sailing Moon by ~Sprias

artmonia: Song for the Sailing Moon by Sprias.a Dream within a Dream~

Keli Clark, Hypnotic night Cats are always on the edges of the Starpath. Dogs walk the center

☆  ★  ☆    Stars, stars, stars... Oh...I will have to make a star filter for my camera this year!

Some people that are in love say they like to see the sky cause the starlight reminds them of their beloved one. For me your light is the Sunlight and you are THE one big star with the vital light for me and my life.please stay and always shine!

14525231_1445453948814668_3360721775483705086_o.jpg (1210×2048)

14525231_1445453948814668_3360721775483705086_o.jpg (1210×2048)